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General Club Rules

Space Assignments and Waiting List Rules

Adopted May, 1968

Latest Revision Ratified: March 28, 2013



1.1     This organization shall be known as the La Crosse Sailing Club, hereinafter referred to as the Club.

1.2     The purposes of the Club shall be to promote sailing as a recreational activity and amateur sport, and to conduct activities commensurate with these purposes.

1.3     Additions, deletions or changes to the By-Laws of the Club may be submitted by any member in good standing in writing at any membership meeting and shall be voted upon at the next following membership meeting.  Modifications to the By-Laws shall require a favoring vote by two-thirds of the members in good standing, present and voting, or by signed proxy.  Modifications shall be presented in the notice of the meeting at which they will be voted upon.  The Club shall be dissolved only by a favoring vote of two-thirds of members in good standing, at a membership meeting, where notice of said purpose has been provided.

1.4     In addition to these bylaws the club directorship shall establish rules that must be followed by all members for use of club facilities, and for docking or dry storage of boats. A written policy shall also be established for the purposes of managing and administering wait list(s) for assignment of slip, lift, beach, rack, and trailer locations. These documents shall be published annually and made available to all club members and prospective members. Additions, deletions, or changes to these documents shall be the responsibility of the directorship subject to approval of the membership at a membership meeting.

1.5     Upon dissolution of the Club, all assets will be equally divided among members in good standing as of December of the previous year subject to compliance with applicable state laws.



2.1      Active Membership

2.1.1      The requirements for Active Membership shall be non-discriminatory. All persons 18 years of age or older on or before June 30of the membership year shall be considered eligible.

2.1.2      Any eligible person applying for Active Membership shall be considered elected upon majority vote of the Membership Committee.

2.1.3      All Active Memberships shall be permitted full and complete use of all club facilities, except unauthorized use of those properties specified by the directorship to be preserved for official purposes.

2.1.4      An Active Membership entitles the member to one slip or lift location, and one rack, trailer or beach location. Availability and assignment is subject to the wait list policy and payment of docking fees per section 2.4.  Any additional slip or lift locations require that a second membership fee be paid. This is subject to approval by the club directorship. Availability and assignment is subject to the wait list policy and payment of docking fees per section 2.4.

2.1.5      An Active Membership grants the privileges of Article 2.1.3 to the immediate family members (which includes identified partner and/or children under 18) of the Active Member.  

2.2      Associate Membership

2.2.1      In addition to Active Membership there shall be a category of Associate Member.

2.2.2      The category of associate member shall be open to all past Active Members of the club, retroactively, subject to the following conditions:  1. Associate Members will not be allowed to have any ownership in boats at the club. 2. An Associate Member will not be allowed to vote on club business, or serve as a member of the Directorship.

2.4      General

2.4.1      All Members are required to place their boat in the assigned space each year by the date established by the directorship, approved by the membership in a membership meeting and shown in the published club rules. Failure to do so may result in loss of the assigned space as described in the published docking rules. Any deviations from this policy require approval of the Commodore acting on behalf of the directorship.

2.4.4    Workday credit is set annually by the directorship subject to approval of the membership at a membership meeting.  This credit is applied to the next year’s membership fee, and is based on a member’s (or their designee’s) participation at workdays during the year, and/or completion of other tasks approved by the Properties Chair.

2.4.5    The initiation fee is charged once to a new Active or Group member. The initiation fee will not be charged to the adult legal children (over 18) of Active Members, former spouses of Active Members and any individual who has been an Active, Associate or Group Member within a five year period prior to requesting membership.


4.2      The presiding officer of the Directorship and the Club shall be the Commodore, or in their absence, the Vice-Commodore.


5.1      Each membership meeting of the Club shall be called by mailed (post, electronic or otherwise) notice to all members by the Secretary/Treasurer.  Notice shall be sent no less than 14 days prior to the date of the meeting and must include access to an agenda for the meeting.


7.1      The Commodore shall appoint a chair and the members to all committees except the Nominating Committee.  Committee chairs and members shall be appointed for each calendar year from the membership of the Club.  A member of the Directorship may not serve as committee chair or member of any standing committee, except that Fleet Captains shall serve on the Nominating Committee.

7.2      The Nominating Committee shall consist of the Fleet Captains.  This committee shall act without a chair.  The Executive Committee appoints a convener at a board meeting prior to the annual Organizational Meeting.

7.4      Standing Committees shall consist of three members including the chair.  The standing committees of the Club shall be:

A.   Properties Committee

B.    Social/Membership Committee

C.    Nominating Committee

7.6    Committee chairs may appoint sub-committee members and chairs.


The LAX Sailing Club is a cooperative of sailboat owners, who share the responsibilities of maintaining the club grounds and various events for sailors.

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