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The La Crosse Sailing Club currently accommodates about 90 boats on the North tip of French Island, as seen in the aerial photo above, in Pool 7 of the Mississippi River: Lake Onalaska, North of LaCrosse, Wisconsin.

There are one hundred twenty five members of the club, with about 65 boats are in slips either floating or on lifts in the channel on the East side of the point. We also have spaces on the West side for dry sailing smaller boats on trailers, beach spaces for catamarans and rack spaces for Lasers, Sunfish and other board  boats. Limited transient space is available on a first request basis.

Our Club borders Nelson Park which offers boat ramps, picnic tables, fire pits and playground equipment. We have a pavilion with tables and gas grill and a screened shelter for use by members and guests. There is a storage building for club gear and two port-a-potties (handicap accessible). Keep in mind, our facility is a cooperative club, not a marina. This means that we have a dedicated membership that helps maintain the grounds and structures, guided by a volunteer board of directors

Our members have accomplished major tasks by working together on projects such as sprinkler systems, plumbing and electrical projects, structural construction, flood damage repair and landscaping. And we celebrate socially with monthly meals, raftups, and Moonlight Sail dinners hosted by each of the club fleets. Those fleets include Cruisers, Lift Boats, Beach and Board Boats. 

Here we not only enjoy the sailing, but also, all the beauty that the river valley has to offer.  With its majestic bluffs, the wildlife and the waterfowl, the Mississippi Flyaway brings us a chance to be outdoors
   --it is truly picture perfect.

1894 Maps of the Mississippi River

The Mississippi River valley, under what is now Lake Onalaska was mapped in 1896. See a close up version or the map label.

A Little History

Lake Onalaska started as river bottom land, streams and fields rich with riverboat and Native American folklore. In the mid 1930's when the lock and dam systems were built on the upper Mississippi, the back waters flooded this land and created the lake. Today the lake is used for many recreational activities such as camping, fishing, hunting and of course, sailing.

The La Crosse Sailing Club was formed in the early 1950's by a few hardy Snipe racers. It has developed into a facility with approximately 100 family memberships and monthly social events, weekly racing, frequent regattas and good times daily. Read more history...

Membership Fees

Fees and Charges were set by the LAX Membership on March 2, 2019

Membership Fees:
Initiation Fee $50 (paid upon joining)
Waiting List $50 (if you wish to be moved to another space)
Active Membership $200
Associate Membership $30 (former active member)

Boat Spaces:
Narrow Lift Space $100
Wide Lift Space $115
Floating Slip $140
Beach Boat Space $75
Dolly Boat Space $65
Rack Boat Space $50
Trailer Boat Space $75

Club meals are $10 per person and $10 per guest.

Dues and fees are due on March 1. Boats must be in place by June 15 to hold your space, except by arrangement with the Commodore. Fees are reduced 50% after August 1, except for initiation fee. Family and Group membership fees will be reduced in the following year by $25 per work day with a limit of $50 credit for two work days. See Club Rules for more specific information.

Here is a printable Membership Brochure .  To become a member contact Membership Chair Ted Sojka


Ice on Lake Onalaska

Google Map of French Island

Interactive Pool 7 Maps

Committee Boat Weighs Anchor

Map with depths of Lake Onalaska

1951 Three Red Sails Logo

History of La Crosse Sailing Club

Photos of LAX Sailing Club by Greg Martin...



The LAX Sailing Club is a cooperative of sailboat owners, who share the responsibilities of maintaining the club grounds and various events for sailors.

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