LaCrosse Sailing Club Photo Albums 2013

Photos of 2013 LAX Sailing members, their boats, and events are available on the following pages:

May and June

June 30l

July 4

July 24 Ramp Repair

July 30 Weed Removal

August 9-13, including Laser & Daysailer Racing

August 17 Steakfry

August 19-20 Cruising and Racing

Sept 7 Boardboat Fishboil Regatta

Sept 8 Cruiser Fishboil Regatta

Dane's Cataman Ride

Sept 21 Laser Regatta

Sept 21-22 Cruiser Expedition

Sept 23-24 Racing and Cruising

Sept 29 Sunday Sailing

Cruiser Expedition


Photos were taken by Nancy Sojka, Greg Martin, and others.

More photos can be found on our Facebook Page. Here's the link...

Photos from Greg Martin for 2012 can be found here...

Historic photos of the Sailing Club are on the About Us page.


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