LAX Sailing Club Photos

M Scow Nationals 1970

Scow Nationals were held at LAX Sailing Club in 1969 and 1970. This photo is from August 1970, showing the new grass trying to survive a hot summer with visiting scows on moorings in the channel. Photos are from Kurt Schroeder's collection. More...

Spring Work Day 2023

Spring Work Day was held on May 13, 2023 after flood waters receded.

Flooding 2023 

The fourth highest flood was recorded on April 24, 2023. See more...

Spring at LAX

 Board member Mike Evenson talks with associate member Jim Lenarz and membership chair Ted Sojka.

Fall Work Day 2022

tree cutting

Two dead cottonwood trees were removed during Fall Work Day 2022. More photos... 

Three more removed in Spring 2023. Photos... 

Weed Removal 2022

August Weed Cutting

Aquatic growth in the channel was cut twice during the 2022 season by Schaffer Marine Service in conjunction with the Town of Campbell and the Onalaska Lake District.

Fish Boil 2022

The annual fishboil was held in June 2022


Wind Damage 2022

Storm Damage 2022

Winds of 75+ hit the club on July 22, 2022. Boats were damaged, tree limbs came down, roofs on two buildings were damaged. A crew of volunteers came to clean up the mess.  See video on Facebook. 


Ice Boating Lesson

Anderson Ice Boat

LAX member Don Anderson set up his boat on the skating rink at Mabel-Canton High School to demonstrate ice boating.

Border Challenge Sunfish Sailing 2022

Sunfish racers came from around the Midwest to race May 21 and 22. More photos...

Cruising at Its Finest (or most peaceful)

Randy Sails

2022 Spring Work Day

work day crew

July Weed Harvest 




Various sailors on Lake Onalaska through the 2020 season


 Three fleets maintain weekly racing throughout the summer. See more... 



The LAX Sailing Club is a cooperative of sailboat owners, who share the responsibilities of maintaining the club grounds and various events for sailors.

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