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Compac 19 with slip For Sale

Contact Greg for details...  

Dewhirst Bosun Chair

Two Bosun Chairs for Sale

Lift and Dock for Sale

Recently built dock with a fine lift L15 is for sale. $300. Contact Craig Cutting, or call (563) 380-0505‬. 

Do you have a boat for sale? Would you like to list it on the La Crosse Sailing Club Web site? It's a service we provide for LAX Sailing Club members– just prepare a single page .PDF or .DOC and submit it to Be sure to include photos of the boat.

Each spring the listings will be removed, so please, update your information and submit again. And be sure to let us know when the boat is sold, so that we can remove the listing.


The LAX Sailing Club is a cooperative of sailboat owners, who share the responsibilities of maintaining the club grounds and various events for sailors.

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