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Fishboil Regatta


Fish Boil Regatta

Six board and seven keel boats enjoyed near perfect conditions on Saturday and Sunday respectively.

The MC's dominated the board boat sailing event but a Day Sailor sneaked in for third when an MC was not in best form a couple of times.

On Sunday, the keel boats were greeted with a nice southerly breeze--first one for keel boat sailing this season. Winds were up and down between 8 and 14 mph all day, but Ken's course was well placed for the mid-line, 2.0 windward/leeward action out of any weed areas. The spinnaker boats fared better downwind and final places reflect the difference finishing 1 & 2 in the first two races. The O-day 26's traded tacks much of the day but those who stayed left at the top of the course ended up getting to the finish line faster. Bill Plzak missed the first race but mixed it up nicely in the last two races with a pair of thirds. The start of the last race got interesting as most of the fleet was saying hello to Ken at the boat end of the line when the gun went off. Water Sprite and Te-Ora were able to sneak away in clear air on starboard tack while other teams were delayed over the line. Some opted to tack onto port, but could not make up ground lost. It was a memorable day for everyone.

Board Boat Results        Keelboat Results



La Crosse Sailing Club Special Membership Meeting

Date: Thursday, September 21,2017
  Time: 6:00 pm      
  Place: Shenanigans, 2100 Dawson Ave on French Island

Agenda for Special Membership Meeting:
Call to Order – Commodore
Welcome & Announcements – Commodore
Old Business:Report of special Committee (Committee members: Joe Konradt, Bill Plzak, Jim Melby, Bill Carskadon, Sue Carskadon, John Eliason, and Doug Vinson)
New Business
Adjourn Meeting

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Man Overboard Drill

Man in the water

More photos of an exciting drill at LAX Sailing Club...