Jon Feist and Geoff Chatterton Featured on WKBT Television

Dr. Jon Feist is a popular local dentist who's spent the last 25 years looking down the mouths of patient after patient.  Geoff Chatterton is a 75-year-old retired engineer who originally hails from Selby, England.  Two men from two very different backgrounds with two common passions.  They both love to sail and they both love to win.

Chatterton has been a member of the La Crosse Sailing club since 1970 when he bought a small 2 man boat called a snipe.  "In 1971 we started to race the snipe...and at that time, we were just happy if we weren't in last place. That was an accomplishment."  
Since then however, Geoff has become the man to beat on the waters of lake Onalaska.  But if there's one man that's up to the Chatterton challenge it's Dr. Feist.  "My very first dock was right next to Geoff's.  The first day I moved in...he was already asking if I was interested in racing.  He hooked me pretty hard and pretty quick."

But here's what's interesting about this pair of sailors, on Tuesday night's they're teamate's, on Thursday's...competitor's.  "He and Jon are usually at the head of the pac. If we get ahead of them, it's because we broke something!"  

"Who between the two is a better sailor? Depends on the day."   "Well Jon is quite good in his own right...but he doesn't have as many years as I do."  "So you are the better sailor? I didn't say that!"  
Rivals one day, near unbeatable teamates the next, these two very different men have found common ground on the water.