10.28.14 LaCrosse Sailing Club Annual Meeting

Remarks by Greg Martin, Vice Commodore

Welcome to the meeting. I want to tell you what you’ve done this year.

You have filled up the beach. Thank you Cats.
You’re fun to watch. Welcome to the new cat owners.

Thank you Tim for the work and responsibilities you assumed as Commodore.

We had a meeting this spring called the Future Planning meeting. The meeting was very well attended and from that meeting, grew a very long list of ideas, and concerns from our members. Thank all of you who attended the meeting
After the Future Planning meeting, Brad and I and the Directorship, categorized all the items brought forth at the meeting. The categories were “ASAP“, “Short term” meaning this year, and “Long term“. I am happy to report that this year all of the “ASAP” and “Short term” goals were approved, funded, and accomplished. Thank you to the Directorship and to all who worked so hard and for your time making this happen.

Some of you filled out “suggestion and idea” forms which are posted on the bulletin board at the shelter. Thank you. This helps the directorship clearly understand how to help you. Many people have volunteered to take on tasks this year such as working socials, working in the water, helping with the club property, and helping where needed. This is the first year we have a volunteer coordinator. Thank you Kathy Fitchuk for developing this position. Thank all of you who volunteer. This is the most necessary part of what keep the club going. 
“Events” sprang up this year from your suggestions. Thank you to the members who worked to make it happen

One event was for non sailing spouses and partners. 
With a focus on safety, we offered a “sailing” safety meeting. Thank you to those folks.

The “Adventurers” arose out of one of many conversations with Duane and other fellow sailors. We had a really good start this year. There are no rules. We just go out an do something when we happen to be at the club and the weather is right. I maintain an email list if we actually plan something. This year my personal goal was to get into Sommer’s Chute as many ways as possible. We did this 10 times this year using a dingy and kayak.
Next year I hope to get thru with my sailboat. It is difficult from the lake if you have a keel.
We did several trips to the “Upper Brice Prairie Landing”, the “Brice Prairie Pub and Eatery“oh yeah, and many trips around “Red Oak Island”. Tom Dubisar and I hiked the south side of Red Oak Island. Ken Johnson went with me to find “the obstacle” you know, the one you hit as your going towards the spillway and we found it. In fact, we ran into it. 
Many of us shared many trips up to visit the birds.
The Adventures had a great raft up and overnight this fall. Seven boats rafted. There was an incredible fly-bye on both sides of the boats presented by the pelicans. A great time/memorable time was had by all. Four boats stayed overnight. That was where the memorable time came in.
Thank you Adventurers!

Many members switched boats, added boats, (yes, you, Don), and even sold boats. To you and all, we wish you good health and the best for next year.
Greg Martin, VC