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CLUB MEMBER BENEFIT: New racer/refresher training workshop

You can join in on the fun! On Saturday, July 16 the club is sponsoring a "learn to race" workshop. In one day, if you have basic sailing skills, you should be able to acquire enough knowledge to get started.

We will start at 12 noon sharp with a "chalk talk," an onshore training session explaining courses, the right-of-way rules and basic starting/raising tactics. When we are finished with that, maybe at about 1:30-2 PM, we will hit the water in our respective boats for a little bit of informal practice. We will try to have some mentors around who might be able to go in your boat with you and will certainly help you the first time you are ready to join one of the fleets and do some racing.

There is no cost to participate in this workshop and the racing programs are free to club members. Please bring a bag lunch so we can enjoy visiting and learning together Saturday, July 16 (followed by the club social). Make a full day of it at the club and it will pay dividends for years to come when you can enjoy a new, fun activity with your boat.

Note: Please RSVP. We want to have enough trainers/mentor so we have a lot of individual attention. If you paid for this kind of training at a formal school it might not be cheap. But this is one way our more experienced members enjoy giving back to our club and sharing our mutual love for sailing. The other reason that we'd like you to RSVP is in case of inclement weather we might decide to reschedule for the next day, Sunday the 17th. We wouldn't make that call until Saturday morning, if necessary.

Please RSVP:

Adventurers to Sommer's Chute


July 9, 2016, Adventurers Dave and Delores Vind, Don and Audrey Anderson, Greg Martin, John Fischer and Daun Allen and Crew arrived inside Sommer’s Chute. We left at 9:30 am. 80 degrees. Wind was light to none and from assorted directions. We decided to motor.

This was a very good day for birds. First pelicans together with sea gulls on the sand bar. An eagle got our attention. Then about 8 or 10 Sandhill Cranes flew across out path. A few more Cranes were sited in the tall vegetation. A lone egret, was joined by a few Blue Herons. My boat draws 2’. Going in, I was hung up on the hard sand bottom for a few minutes. Controlling depth was 2’.

We went to the river and into the channel. Then turned back and rafted up inside the chute just before the sand bar. We shared food. Music was provided by Don. We returned about 3pm. A great day. Great people. River at 632.7’ Greg Martin


Six Around Red Oak Island

On June 12, 2016, six boats rounded Red Oak Island for a fine LAX Adventure!

The Latest Events Listing

Commodore Greg Martin has released the latest LAX Sailing Club Events listing...

Racing Committee Chair Needed

The racing chair position still not filled since John Zinn in 2013. The race committee chair will insure uninterrupted club racing and determine the needs of club racing groups. This requires advanced planning. This person must be willing to put in the effort to manage problems as they arise, advise the commodore, and look forward to insure the future of racing.



Frenches Sailing to Panama Canal

Marie and Dean French are crewing on Dick and Marian Leighton's Van Kedisi, their Prout 39 catamaran. VK is in Colon, Panama, being prepared to go through the Canal. Read more...



LAX Sailors Find Sunshine in February

Gene and Carolyn McNurlen from LaCrosse Sailing Club dropped in for a February visit to meet the local Floridian Sailors in Duneden, Florida. Read more...

Schedule of Events 2016

Click here for printable listing of planned events for the summer of 2016. All items are also listed on the LAX Club Calendar. You can add this calendar to your Google Calendar under "Other Calendars." Just click in the box "Add a friend's calendar" and enter All events will be kept up to date and appear on your calendar, as well.

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